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Buy a Boat in the USA

  • Do you live in Europe and are thinking about buying a boat in the USA?

    The US yacht market offers many opportunities – and pitfalls – for European yacht buyers.

    Supply – inventory – is the single biggest reason you might consider purchasing a boat in the USA. Americans have been buying large, well appointed, sailboats and motor trawlers since the late 1970s. Each decade the average size increased, and the features multiplied, and now these yachts are for sale on pre-owned yacht market. If you are searching Europe for a heavy-displacement 12-15 meter sailboat under 100,000 Euros, you will likely find very few choices. However, these boats are plentiful in America – at extremely low prices.

    These low prices are another reason to consider buying a boat in the US. One reason prices are so low is supply – we just have more boats in the US than in Europe. Another reason is the Euro/USD conversion rate, which applies not only to the yacht purchase, but also to any upgrades you may wish to make to the boat before importing it into the EU.

    If you are European, an American boat might be a fantastic bargain – but not is all as it appears.

    After purchase, you have two additional costs. The first is known: You will pay your country’s Value Added Tax when you import the boat.

    The next cost is unknown: To import the boat into a EU-member country, the boat must obtain CE Certification.

    This process can sometimes involve replacing an older – yet perfectly good – diesel motor with a new, more environmentally friendly motor.

    Fortunately, we can guide you through the purchase, any repairs or upgrades that need to be made, and even obtain the CE mark for the boat in the US, all at low US labor rates.

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